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We invite you for a deep rest and inner journey through visuals, frequencies, sounds and a special herb.

  • Date: 2023.12.23. 04:00 PM - 2023.12.23. 06:00 PM
  • Location Budapest, Pozsonyi út 54, 1137 Hungary (Map)
  • More Info: Dora Yoga

Price: 4900Ft


The healing power of blue lotus flower was known by the Egyptian pharaohs.
Blue lotus is a sacred plant, which works wonderfully on opening the third-eye center, the place where our intuition resides. Third-eye represents the door between the physical world and other realms. Our unique blend will make you experience this awakening!

Following the tea ceremony, you'll have the opportunity to lie down and immerse yourself in the comforting melodies produced by various instruments. Waves of loud tones, melodic rhythms, spatial reverberations, and calming silences  will transport your soul directly into the space!

This is a drug-free space. No alcohol.

Do not eat anything heavy at least 4 hours before the sound bath. No meat on this day - if possible. Stay light. Stay clean.

There are no special requirements to attend this event.

Dress comfortably.

Fee: 4900huf (ticket is required, no cash)

Location: Healing Home, Pozsonyi út 54, 1137


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