The Holy Cacao plant opens the heart chakra, raises our vibration, and brings us into contact with ourselves and others. It strengthens the feeling of love and helps us face our deepest fears and inhibitions. During the ceremony we will experience the feeling of unity, not only with each other, but also with Nature and the Universe.

  • Date: 2024.07.20. 06:00 PM - 2024.07.20. 08:15 PM
  • Location Budapest, Hajós Alfréd stny. 1007, Hungary (Map)
  • More Info: Dora Yoga Outdoor

Price: 4500Ft

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Our cacao is arriving to us from Peru.

After the cacao ceremony a meditative flow and intuitive free dancing is taking place and we close the soul-journey with a deep meditation contemplating the sunset.

Get ready for tropical and tribal vibes at this live DJ set, influenced by the best beats from all over the world

 * Dancing is optional. You'll do what feels the best for you! 💜

This is a drug-free space.

No alcohol. No caffeine.

Only light meals are recommended on the day. You could fast as well to maximize the effects of the cocoa. Do not eat anything heavy at least 3 hours before.

Bring your favorite mug!

Bring a bottle of water.

Dress comfortably in a way you can feel amazing!

There are no special requirements to attend this event.

The Wonder Makers:


My qualifications:

• Hatha & Ashtanga vinyasa yoga (200hrs) - India

• Mysore Ashtanga (100hrs) - Thailand

• Yin yoga (100hrs) - Hungary

• Reiki master

• Breathwork facilitator

• Cacao ceremonialist

I am blessed to receive guidance from higher intelligence through intuitive channeling and you are blessed to receive the same if you allow it to happen.


My qualifications:

• Sound Healing Therapy 

• Zen Meditation master

• Behavioral science expert

• Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Practitioner

A calm and peaceful spirit with long and proven experience of performing and facilitation around Europe.

My personal challenge is to bring innovation in traditions and I love to connect with nature and discover new mystical places.


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